You have completed your stunning T shirt, crew neck sweat and hood collection, and now to expand your range and be taken seriously as a brand, you may well consider cap manufacture, and be after some flat peaked snap backed loveliness…so that you can be the next New Generation, Obey or Supreme.


To keep cap manufacture costs down, which is totally understandable, a lot of brands will naturally look to an off the shelf cap, slap an embroidery on the front and that’ll do nicely.

It’s only our view, but there’s a serious risk if using a ready-made cap of looking badly branded up, and like you’ve just arrived with your plumber’s mate to fix a dodgy washing machine — it can look a bit promo, a bit workwear.

Which leads us to bespoke cap manufacture, where all things are possible. Silk linings, litho printed under peaks, 3D embroideries and high-definition badges, matching eyelets and snaps, and a small revolving propeller on the crown…it can all be done.

This means we have to produce the best, high quality but once you’ve committed we would sample first, so you do get to see where your money is going.


Honest answer – probably not. How can that be, they’re gorgeous? Yes they are, but what the industry rarely admits is that bespoke cap buyers are very brand loyal – it’s like trying to get Adidas feet into a pair of Nike’s; there’s more chance of getting a glass slipper on the ugly sister. If you do tell a certain sort of kid that there’s life away from a Norse Projects 5 panel, he’ll probably look at you like you’ve gone completely off your crumpet…will he buy your unheard of brand? Probably not.


Because when you have a nice stack of potential brand ambassadors lined up, there are few better forms of PR than a great bespoke cap. To sell may be initially tricky, but given to the right people, and at the right retail quality, they will be seen on the coolest cat in town, falling out of a certain nightclub at 4.00 am and into the arms of the media…we’ve done it, it works, and it can be the best ad campaign ever.

So we’re we going to be opinionated, and say it’s bespoke cap manufacture or nothing.

At New Generation, we produce high-quality headwear with personalized designs and commit ourselves to maintain sustainable best practices in all of our processes. With so many years of experiences, we have built strong relationships around the world, especially in USA and Europe, and currently expanding our market to International world.