Cap Manufacturer Makes Family Feel Warm

In my memory, my grandfather has been hardworking all his life. Even in the last year of his life, when he still had the strength to walk, he was weeding the fields in the yard.

He always wore a black shirt and pants that seemed to never break, and he always wore a hat on his head. When working in the field, he wore a straw hat. When he was at home, he wore a simple handmade white hat which was made by my grandmother. During the winter or when the weather is cold, you can always see him  around the stove to keep warm. At the same time, he would hold his smoking pot in his mouth, and the smoking pot was changed several times. But the dusted tobacco in the smoke pan has not changed. Grandpa would use a small piece of land to plant some tobacco leaves for himself, and then dry them to make dusted tobacco. Many people hurt their bodies because of smoking, but grandpa's body does not seem to be affected by smoking. He was 83 years old when he passed away. Even in the year he passed away, he still felt physically healthy and went to his neighbor's house to play mahjong.

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As I grow up, I find that I spend less and less time with my family. So every time I go home, I will buy them gifts, especially the elderly in the family. I once bought a smoking pot for my grandpa and a winter hat, but he didn't seem to like it very much. In the city where I live, where I usually go to buy hats, there are really few choices available. Until recently, I found a cap manufacturer on the Internet. They provide a variety of hats, and they can also make private orders. Seeing all the different types of hats, I can’t help but sigh. If I could find this hat manufacturer earlier, the hats I bought for my grandpa would definitely make him feel warm and happy.

But when I found such an interesting cap manufacturer, Grandpa had already left me. His smile, his hard work, his black outfit, his smoking pot and his hat are all deeply engraved in my mind. There is also the noodles he made, which is the best noodles I have eaten since I was born.

I still remember when I was in elementary school, I went to my grandparents' house once, when my grandma was not there, only grandpa was there. It’s about five or six kilometers from my house to my grandparents’ house. After eating in the morning, when I arrived at my grandparents' house, it was already 6pm.Grandpa cooked some noodles by the dim light. After the noodles are cooked, salt and dark soy sauce are added. When I put the noodles in my mouth, I was shocked. How could there be such a delicious cooked noodles? Until now, I have cooked noodles by myself for countless times, but I have not been able to make such a delicious taste. So every time I eat noodles, I always think of my grandpa making me delicious noodles.

When I thought there was still a lot of time to spend with him, time slipped away quietly. When I thought that I was still spending a long time with my family, I realized that I was able to go home less and less. The tree wants to be quiet but the wind keeps on, and the children wants to show their love to parents or other family members but they are no longer in the world. Don't wait until you lose to know how to cherish, go home often and spend more time with your family. No amount of money earned can be exchanged for time with family. Wearing the hats you carefully selected for them, let them feel warm and feel your full love for them. I recommend this hat manufacturer to you, and hope you can choose a gift that satisfies you and makes your family feel warm.

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