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Everyone knows that hats have the functions of sunshade, decoration, warming and protection. There are many types, and of course the choice is also very particular. Since each person’s face, body and skin color are different, so I have subdivided it here. I hope that the friends who saw this article can master some basic methods of hat matching. I personally think it is very useful!


Everything is designed to your specifications. The style, fabric, color, labeling, and trims are all customizable. Tell us what you like or have our creative team design take the reins.

Custom hats are completely yours from the ground up. You pick the style, fabric, and colors then label it inside and out however you like. The custom hat program is a great tool for premium hats

Label the hat inside and out for your brand. We offer a number of different labels types and locations to choose from. This is what makes our custom program truly unique. Have some fun with it!

With our extensive manufacturing process, you’ll be able to create a staple piece that you’ll be proud of. Each hat that we manufacture is carefully inspected and tested in order to meet our high standards and yours. We make sure you’re getting the highest quality product that you and your clients can wear for years to come.

5 Panel Hat With Woven Label1

Top Quality Customized Wholesale Hats

Our wholesale hat program gives you the chance to be a little more flexible while still making some great hats. All you need to do is choose your favorite blank style and add a patch or label.

Choose from hundreds of different styles. Check out our stocked category of preferred hats and Caps.

Diversify your headwear selection by having an array of different styles your customers are sure to love. Test new styles as you go, or rotate seasonally to keep things fresh and keep your customers checking in to find out what’s new.

We will warehouse patches on your behalf to ensure speedy turnarounds (8-10 business days if hats are in stock). Order what you need when you need it. This program perfect when you need hats for an event right around the corner or if you blow through a shipment quicker than expected.

New Generation is a hat factory with many years of experience, we have our own sales team, design team, technician team, we can offer you the best factory price as well as top quality, that will exceed your imagination.