Hats may be one of the most neglected accessories in menswear.

We rarely pay attention to them, but they have the power to completely change the appearance of clothing.

Having a few hats on your coat rack is never a bad thing. 

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Knowing the right brand of hats is the first step in choosing a hat. It will accompany you for many years and even become a personal IP.

The weather is getting colder and colder these days, and we can clearly feel that the number of people wearing knitted hats has increased significantly. Many colleagues, acquaintances, and Internet celebrities are loyal fans of knitted hats. There are more people wearing knitted hats this winter. Why are knitted hats becoming more and more popular? The analysis of cap manufacturer—New Generation hat factory is mainly due to these reasons.


Regarding the advantages of knitted hats, I can list a lot of them by counting: they are warm when worn; the concave shape is beautiful; the shape is versatile; the face is small; the greasy head is covered, so that lazy people can wash their hair a few times...


In addition to the magical effect of collocation, it is also related to this year's cold wave and people's emphasis on health preservation.

First, this year, southern China has experienced a cold wave that has not been experienced in many years. Many people will not be able to withstand the cold weather without wearing a warm hat. In addition, the country requires energy saving and emission reduction, and indoor air conditioners cannot be turned on. Office workers even have to wear hats in the office to keep warm.

The second point is people's emphasis on health and wellness. We all know that wearing a warm hat in winter is very important to the health of the head. After keeping the head warm, we can engage in work and life with a better mental state.


Another point that many people realize is that people are now more involved in outdoor sports and equipped with more professional equipment. Knitted hats are very suitable for our outdoor leisure sports in winter. When participating in outdoor sports in winter, wear a knitted hat. , It will be of great benefit to our health and safety during exercise.

Although hats are a very common item in everyone's minds, woolen hats are not something that everyone dares to wear. Unlike fisherman hats, baseball caps, newsboy hats, and other hats, because it is made of knitted material, the entire hat shape of the woolen hat is relatively soft, so the shape change is relatively more flexible. In the eyes of many people, it seems to be more picky. Human head shape and face shape.

Knitted hats are best washed by hand. You can soak the hat in clean water for a period of time to remove a large part of the stains. Then use some mild detergent or laundry detergent, and do not use hot water, preferably cold water. Soak the cap for a period of time, until there are bubbles on the water surface, you can rinse it with clean water, if there is still dirt, you can gently rub it. After rinsing, do not wring dry with your hands, soak up the moisture with a dry towel and then dry it. When the knitted hat is usually maintained, be careful not to hang it on a clothes rack or clothespin, and do not place heavy objects on it, otherwise it will easily lead to the deformation and damage of the knitted hat, and the needle thread may also fall off. Store in a dark and cool place. Sun exposure will make the needle thread brittle or change color, and humid air will damage the knitted hat. In addition, you can put some stuffing in the hat to maintain the shape, while using a desiccant to prevent mold. It should be noted that knitted hats are easy to breed bacteria and should be washed in time after wearing them for a period of time.

The above is New Generation Hat’s sharing on "There are so many knitted hats this winter, why knitted hats are becoming more and more popular". New Generation company specializes in custom production of various hat manufacturers. The division of labor is clear, covering the business department, purchasing department, ordering department, deployment department, printing room, embroidery department, production department, quality inspection department, packaging department, etc., each perform its own duties, division of labor, and many years of export experience. Provide professional customs declaration and international and domestic logistics and transportation advice. Direct supply from the source factory, no middlemen, cheaper prices and guaranteed quality. If you want to customize a hat, you can find New Generation.

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