How should boys choose baseball caps better

As for why you want to wear a hat, there are two reasons. One is that the hat can be used as a daily collocation to go out on the street. The second is that for boys who do not want to clean up their hair and hairstyle, this is the best choice to cover up the hairstyle and greasy hair.

It can be said that you have found a way out for laziness, so even if you are lazy, if you choose a hat, will you increase your appearance and have the best of both worlds, why not do it?

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Now we will introduce the hat directly. You can choose which suits your own image. Of course, I will recommend a lot of nice hats for you to choose. Because I don’t know which one you are suitable for, I recommend it to you, of course, it’s useless. You have to see which one of the many styles below you think looks best, and then select the one that suits you best. The following I recommend all types of hats that are of course included. I will list and recommend them one by one. After reading it patiently, you can always find a hat that meets your own aesthetics and suits you.

How to choose a hat that suits you in summer?

Summer hats generally pay attention to shading, wearing comfort and breathability, so how to meet these conditions and fit your style is very precious. Let me try to talk about them separately.

In fact, this kind of hat with a curved brim is not called a peaked cap. I will introduce the peaked cap below. The first recommended one is simply a sports baseball cap.

First look at Adi’s baseball cap, this very special design, the rear half of the cap is mesh and breathable, and will not affect the heat dissipation due to the thickness of the hair. It is much better than ordinary baseball caps, and the army green can also be worn by men and women. Yes, this is the most recommended.

Street tooling style

If you usually like to wear simple and clean, and you want to look young and trendy, street tooling style will be more suitable for you.

Street tooling usually has a slim fit. With this style, I usually choose a baseball cap

For summer, a baseball cap with a short top and shorts or narrow-leg pants will make you look refreshed.

Compared with curved edges, flat edges are relatively trendier

If you feel that the canvas material is too hot to wear, you can consider choosing a style with a mesh design on the back, which will be more breathable

However, the style of the mesh surface will generally appear young. If you want to adopt a mature style, I suggest that the full cloth surface is better.

If you wear your head hot, remember to take it off from time to time to breathe, and don’t press your head too tightly when wearing it, just cover your head shallowly and expose your bangs.

The head circumference of boys is generally between 55 and 60. Those who exceed 60 are usually very large. Secondly, the face shape. Boys do not need to be as thin as girls. As long as the face is long, the face is square and the face is round. For tall square faces, round faces with a wider brim are usually accompanied by a big head. Haha. Choose the final color of wide brim and long brim. Boys are generally straight black. It’s not wrong. If the face value is online, boys can wear bright colors.

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