How to match the baseball cap best The supermodel star demonstrates how to wear 10 baseball caps and 5 baseball caps with thin face

How to match the baseball cap best The supermodel star demonstrates how to wear 10 baseball caps and 5 baseball caps with thin face

Wearing a suitable hat can help modify your face. The key is to choose a hat matching your head shape and face shape. Many celebrities and girls like to wear baseball caps. They are versatile and easy to wear, but they don’t wear it. Be careful, because if you are not careful, you will change from thin noodles to wrapped noodles in minutes if you wear them wrong! Pay attention to the following 5 ways to wear Cap cap thin face, there will be another thin face artifact in the home in the future!

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Cap cap thinning method 1: choose a style with a moderate size

Remember the "truck hat" that was popular many years ago? Many people think that wearing a larger cap can create a small face effect, but in fact it will be self-defeating. Girls have thinner heads than boys, and large caps such as truck caps and baseball caps are not necessarily suitable for girls. They may also have the illusion of "big heads and big caps." In fact, know how to pick, cap hat and fisherman hat can also achieve thinning effect.

The correct way to wear it is to choose a cap with a moderate size, close to the head shape, and a style that can adjust the tightness of the back.

Hat thin face wearing method 2: It is better to expose your hair than to comb it

Girls with a round face are not suitable to comb their hair when wearing a Cap cap, because this will completely reveal the shortcomings of the face, and the hat will cover the top part of the head, making the face look narrower and wider, and the face shape will become More spacious.

The correct way to wear it is to put the hair down, expose part of the bangs, or leave a little hair on the temples when combing the ponytail to modify the position of the cheeks and cheekbones to create a V-face effect.

Cap cap thin face method 3: Expose the collarbone

Wear a cap to cover about one-third of your face. If you wear a collared shirt or a T-shirt that covers your collarbone, you will visually frame your face, asking yourself not to be an invincible oval face. This will make your face round and broad.

If you want to lengthen your face, you should expose your neck and collarbone, exposing a little more skin and slender collarbone, which will help you lose weight. Vests and V-neck T-shirts are good choices.

Cap cap thinning method 4: duck tongue is placed in the middle of the forehead

I believe that under the influence of celebrities, many people like to cover the face and eyebrows with a low cap. This approach not only makes you feel gloomy and slouched, but also makes your face look round and wide.

When wearing a cap, the duck tongue should be placed in the middle of the forehead, so that part of the forehead and facial features can be clearly seen.

Cap cap thinning method 5: pre-arrange your hair

Sometimes wearing a cap is to conceal bad hair day, but cap caps are not suitable for flat hair, because flat, inelastic hair sticks to the shape of the head and protrudes the face shape, and it also makes people not awake, lazy, greedy and convenient. Look and feel.

When you want to have both practicality and style, or when you are too late to clean your hair, a versatile baseball cap that can be used in rain or shine! Baseball caps are a must-have item for "off duty" styles of supermodel stars such as Rihanna, Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Hailey Bieber, etc. They personally demonstrated different hats and baseball caps, and see how they use baseball Let's mix and match hats to make a fashionable outfit!

Gigi Hadid wears a simple white baseball cap with black lettering and a white leather jacket, adding a casual style to the grand black and white look.

There is no surprising way to win when wearing an all-black look, than wearing a black baseball cap with Mickey Mouse ears and white fur on the top of the head, which is very cute and eye-catching.

In addition to matching ordinary casual T-shirts and jeans, baseball caps can also be matched with a small sexy look. Open chest V-neck sports bra top with high waist black legging, sexy sports style with a trendy baseball cap, just add to the sporty breath.

Bella Hadid also demonstrated a healthy and beautiful sports style, matched with a pink velvet baseball cap, which immediately adds a sweet breath and reduces age easily and naturally.

Hailey Bieber often demonstrates different street styles. The hip-hop neutral shape of this long black leather jacket and high-waisted wide-leg jeans is accompanied by a baseball cap with a black background and a white logo and fluorescent glasses, which are fashionable and eye-catching.

Similar styles of baseball caps can also be matched with sweaters and short-length leather jackets. The focus is also on high-waisted jeans to show long legs, bringing a bright, clean, neutral beauty and a sense of mystery.

A ponytail can also be tied up when wearing a baseball cap, and it can also show a clean and tidy feeling. The classic all-black shape of T-shirt jeans with pointed-toe boots makes it look taller and thinner.

Rihanna's sexy beauty is not pretentious. It uses a simple low-cut vest and jeans to create a street casual style, with a black baseball cap to enhance the toughness of the shape, and it contrasts with the eye-catching pink lip color, exuding a sexy femininity.

When wearing a baseball cap, you can also consider matching metal earrings and necklaces. The combination of black and gold gives people a more stylish look. Street-style leather thick coats and hats, noble style satin skirts and high heels mixed and matched, full of star aura.

You can also consider using hair color to match the hat as part of the styling. If the hair color is boldly dyed, you can wear a simple all-white baseball cap and white top to easily highlight the colorful colors of your hair. Make people's eyes bright.

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