Knitted hats are usually worn in autumn and winter.

In spring and summer, if you choose a thin cotton knit hat, you can also wear it. 

So how to wear a knitted hat to look good? I chose some Japanese style recommendations for cheap knitted hats.

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First, let's see how to choose a fashionable knitted hat ♪

Knitted hats are roughly divided into long hats and short hats.

The characteristic of longer knitted hats is that they have more fabric than actually needed for the head, which gives them more girly and cuteness.

Since there are so many fabrics, you can also enjoy a variety of styles.

If you want to be more casual, please wear a gray knitted hat with a lighter tone than black.

If you wear it a little lighter, it will work well with curly hair.

If you wear glasses, it is better to leave the bangs.

If you are over forty years old, worry that you are too old and not suitable for cute style. It is recommended to choose a white knitted hat.

It can set off the face, brighten the face, and give a youthful impression.

If you hide your bangs in a knitted hat, your face will be brighter.

In spring and summer, you can choose a knitted hat made of breathable fabric. The style with good breathability is very suitable for spring and summer.

Cotton knitted beret, because this is also a cotton material, it can be reused regardless of the season.

Not only casual, but also beautiful, and the style is also very good.

When matching clothes, you can choose the color of the knitted hat according to the color of some items.

Here, according to the color of the pants, matching the knitted hat of the same color, both mature and beautiful.

If your hair is a bit too casual, wearing a knitted hat will make it look cleaner.

Simple to wear, combining a beige sweater and leggings.

If you match black sneakers and a knitted hat, it will increase the cuteness of the look, and the neutral look will be a bit feminine.

The light beige knitted hat is matched with the fringed dress. Choosing similar colors will not attract others' attention.

By adding a knitted hat to an elegant dress shape, you can add a refined atmosphere.

Knitted hats are worn by boys, girls or the elderly. Knitted hats can be used to keep warm, and can also be used to match clothes, as a fashion pursuit. How to choose a knitted hat that suits you?

The color of knitted hats should not be very different from the color of clothes. Some hats will look more attractive in figure. The choice of hat color should be based on your skin color.

Make a selection. The skin color is white and black, and the range of color choices for knitted hats will be very wide.

People with ruddy complexion can match many colors. For those with pale skin, colors that are not solid, such as brown and light blue, can be used.

People with very white skin have a lot of room to choose the color of knitted hats, but it should be noted that people with white skin will give people a certain amount of meat, so when choosing

It is best not to choose white for the hat, and colors close to white are not very optional.

People with yellow skin are not suitable for wearing knitted hats with bright colors, such as yellow and green, but the effect will be better if it is beige or purple lotus.

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