The weather is getting colder and colder these days, and we can clearly feel that the number of people wearing knitted hats has increased significantly.

As the darling of autumn and winter fashion, what clothes do knitted hats look good with? How to create an extraordinary taste? 

Cap manufacturer—New Generation Hat Factory will share with you:

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What kind of clothes look good with a knitted hat, and how do you create an extraordinary taste?


The most popular items this year are basic models, including those worn by models on the show floor; although they look similar, there are differences in design, and there is a particular emphasis on collocation.

  1. Knitted hat with short jacket

It is so cold in winter, of course, you need a certain hat to keep your head warm, and a knitted hat is your best choice. Wearing a knitted hat can not only modify your face and make it look smaller. After pairing it with a cool jacket, it will be more amorous. The tough and handsome jacket is paired with a soft knitted hat, which can be said to be a fashionable and stylish match in winter. No matter what color can be matched, after wearing a knitted hat, it instantly neutralizes the toughness of the jacket and adds a touch of soft femininity. A black jacket like this, wearing a pair of casual jeans and a pair of short boots, and a navy blue knitted hat on top of the head, neutralizes the feeling of being too neutral, adding a soft femininity, and at the same time very casual Fashionable.


  1. Knitted hat with coat

Winter coats must be an indispensable item in every girl's wardrobe. The maturity of the coats and the fresh literary style of knitted hats will make your outfit more attractive. In winter, bright colors can break the depression of winter, so you can choose hats and coats of the same color, so that the match will never go wrong, and it can also make your overall look very coordinated. A dark yellow coat like the picture above, with a high-necked sweater inside, a pair of khaki slacks on the lower body, a camel knitted hat on the head, and a pair of white shoes. The overall tone is more It has always been simple, elegant and casual, which also makes the hat an eye-catching touch to the styling.


  1. Knitted hat with lamb wool coat

There is no bloated feeling of down jacket, no luxurious atmosphere of fur, easy to wear casual style, non-lamb coat. The lamb wool coat is a cute and handsome one, which can create the feeling of a soft and cute little girl, and it can also bring a cool and handsome street feel. With such a jacket and a knitted hat, it can be said to be more warm and full. Because the lamb wool coat itself looks very warm, with a knitted hat to bring a full sense of winter. A brown lamb wool coat like this, the style of the lapel plus the stitching of lamb hair inside, is super warm, with a pair of slim pants on the lower body, and a white knitted hat on the top of the body. Wearing a pair of short boots, it is warm and at the same time. Fashionable.


It keeps warm, covers the head of the hairline and oily head, and also shows a small face, and the convex shape is super stylish. Is there such a nice and practical knitted hat for everyone to "top"? 

Seeing this, even if the hat has already been selected, some friends still don't wear the woolen hat well. Today I will invite two colleagues to demonstrate and teach you the four most practical and daily tricks of the woolen hat. That's right! The woolen hat is this kind of scheming single product. Although it seems that it is good to wear it, in fact, every girl has the best way and angle to wear it.


The above is New Generation Hat’s sharing on "What kind of clothes look good with knitted hats". New Generation company specializes in custom production of various hat manufacturers. The division of labor is clear, covering the business department, purchasing department, ordering department, deployment department, printing room, embroidery department, production department, quality inspection department, packaging department, etc., each perform its own duties, division of labor, and many years of export experience. Provide professional customs declaration and international and domestic logistics and transportation advice. Direct supply from the source factory, no middlemen, cheaper prices and guaranteed quality. If you want to customize a hat, you can find New Generation.

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