The winter is really freezing, and I feel a little uncomfortable as long as I leave the house every day.

But in addition to being cold, it also has some merits, for example, you can wear a cute woolen hat again.

In fact, the knitted hat not only modifies the face, but also when you don’t want to wash your hair, you can also wear a knitted hat to go out.

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Knitted hats are so important. Today, let’s talk about how ordinary people look small when they wear knitted hats.

First, cover half of your face and wear it

When wearing a hat, cover the brim of the eyebrows. This way of wearing is equivalent to covering half of the face. It is difficult to not show the face. It is especially suitable for girls with long faces.

Second, leave some hair on both sides of the cheeks

In daily life, most girls use hair to cover their faces, and a knitted hat will have a better effect, which not only highlights the beauty of the facial features, but also looks more fashionable.

Third, cleverly reveal a circle of hair

In fact, this method is very suitable for girls with short hair. It can modify the face shape in 360 degrees and make the whole shape look smart and light.

So has everyone gotten the way to show a small face by wearing a woolen hat? Today, I will recommend Meimei's woolen hats to everyone, I hope the girls like them.

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This thick and velvet hat is still warm and comfortable to wear. The fabric of this hat is soft and comfortable. The embroidered design makes the hat look very delicate, and it will not be monotonous at all. The modification of the face is also very good.

This knitted hat is very sweet and beautiful, and the printed design on it has a Korean taste. It is very fashionable to wear, not only does not look monotonous, but also looks particularly warm.

This knitted hat has a great effect of reducing age. The hat looks exquisite and unique, and it is also very cute. It looks good no matter how to match it, and it has a small face. It is more suitable for young girls.

This girl will like it. This kind of hat can protect the ears very well, so that the ears will not be frozen, and it can also have a good effect of modifying the face. The inner velvet material is soft and comfortable. A hat with both appearance and comfort.

This hat is made of rabbit fur. It has a simple style and does not require too much modification. It can also be worn stylishly and with a small face. The design of a solid color will be particularly good-looking when all-matched.

The ear-protecting fur ball cap can be said to be very cute. It not only protects the ears, is warm and comfortable, but also reduces age and age. It is a fur ball cap that is very suitable for student party girls. It will look particularly good when worn at will.

The characteristics of long-faced girls are that the longitudinal lines of the face are obviously longer than the width of the face, and they generally have a wide forehead with a prominent chin. If the face is too long, the facial features will look somewhat out of balance. Therefore, the girl with a long face should choose the kind of hat that can increase the visual width of the face or can weaken the sense of length of the face.

The hat is relatively close to our face, so the impact on our face shape is still relatively large, but not as long as you like what hat to wear, it will look good, today we will talk about the girl with a longer face is suitable What kind of hat should I wear~

The best choice to increase the width of the face is those hats with brim, and the wider the brim, the stronger the contrast and the more obvious the effect. Wide brimmed hats are undoubtedly the best choice. Wide-brimmed hat The wide brim not only increases the width of the face, but also makes the face very small.

If you want to shorten the length of your face, you can choose a flat and low hat or a deep hat that can be worn. For example, a beret with almost no cap volume is very suitable for girls with long faces to wear, and the beret is worn diagonally. Or lower the forehead to cover part of the forehead, and the effect of shortening the face will be more obvious.

In addition to wide-brimmed hats, bell-shaped hats with rounded domes are also a good choice. The bell-shaped hat has a relatively low brim, which can not only cover part of your forehead and shorten the length of your face. The rounded lines can also weaken your face. The angularity of the outline will make your face look softer.

Winter is here, and many girls like to wear knitted hats, knitted hats are very warm and can add gentleness to you, but knitted hats are generally close to the head, and the horizontal shrinkage effect will easily make your face look longer. , So that kind of knit hat with a pointed top must be the natural enemy of our long-faced girl! And choose this kind of soft texture, soft knit hat that looks a bit beret feel is more suitable for girls with long faces.

In addition to wearing a hat, if you want to show your face short, you can also consider leaving a bang. Not only can bangs cover part of the forehead and reduce the exposed length of the face, it also has the effect of reducing age.

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