Wearing a New generation hat, you don’t have to worry about going out!

One of the common characteristics of contemporary young people is that they are lazy and unwilling to wash their hair. Are you also the one who wants to wash your hair but finds it very troublesome when you usually stay at home and you have to go downstairs if you need it?

When shopping, are you entangled between whether to wash your hair or discard your face and go straight down with oil? This problem can be easily solved now! Come to New Generation to get your exclusive baseball cap! Let you go out cool without washing your hair!


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New generation is a Cap Manufacturer that specializes in baseball caps. We sell our hats all over the world. Australia, the United States, New Zealand, Indonesia and other countries have our loyal fan base. Our brand hats come in various styles and colors, there is always a hat that will be your favorite! Among them, the hot-selling embroidery is also one of the indispensable styles for delicate boys and girls. Our New Generation hats are also exquisitely crafted, almost flawless, colorful in color, simple and simple styles, and some look more complicated. Yes, simple style, cool style, everything, just waiting for you to take it home! We also provide special customization services. Come and customize a hat that belongs only to you!

As a Cap Manufacturer, New Generation also strictly controls the various processes of manufacturing hats. Each hat is manually sewn with a sewing machine by each of our diligent employees. Each process will be accurately controlled. , At the end, we will conduct a careful manual inspection to ensure that every hat that reaches the consumer is almost perfect, without any threads or flaws, because we know that we can't live up to the trust of consumers! The quality of our New Generation hats is also well-known in the industry. Our hats are meticulously crafted, not only responsible for the consumers who buy our hats, but also for our hats! Out of each of our employees' love for hats, our quality is very guaranteed! After the purchase, if you have any questions about the quality of the hats you have purchased, we also welcome you to contact us for after-sales service. Our after-sales customer service will also be online from 8 am to 8 pm. Will patiently answer your doubts. If it is finally confirmed that the hat you bought does have a quality problem, then we will definitely give you a satisfactory reply. Your hat experience is guaranteed by us!

In addition, since our New generation is a Cap Manufacturer, as a manufacturer, the price we directly sell to you is also an absolute discount, because there is no third party, fourth party, etc. to make the difference in this period, so The price of the hats we give you is the most affordable price of our hats on the market!

Get rid of the trouble of being unable to go out, come to New Generation to buy an exclusive hat that belongs to you! For details, please click: https://newgeneration.hk/

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