What are the hat quality requirements and how to see the quality of the hat

As the saying goes, dressing "from head to toe", in the selection of hats, whether it is style or quality, is sloppy.

Today, the cap manufacturerNew Generation Company will share with you: what are the hat quality requirements and how to see whether the hat quality is good or bad

The quality of the hat is generally reflected in the specifications, shape, materials, and production.


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Specifically, the specifications and sizes should meet the standard requirements. The specifications for custom hats in my country start from No. 46, No. 46-56 are children's hats, No. 55-60 are adult hats, and those above 60 are extra-large hats. The difference between the numbers is 1cm, form a series; the shape should be beautiful and generous, the structure should be reasonable, and the parts should be symmetrical or coordinated;

The materials used should meet the requirements, and generally pure cotton will be better than polyester cotton;

The surface of the knitted hat is not allowed to have unevenness, uneven tightness, and uneven patterns;

The cotton in the cotton cap should be spread evenly, and the thread should be dense and dense;

The color of each part of the single color cap should be consistent, and the color of each part of the color cap should be coordinated;

The warp and weft yarns have no wrong direction, deflection, and obvious defects in the fabric;

The fur on the surface is neat, without hair loss or moth-eaten phenomenon;

Complete accessories;

The brim of the hat has a certain degree of hardness;

The position of each part of the hat should meet the requirements, the stitching should be neat, the color matching with the fabric is reasonable, there is no open thread, loose thread and continuous skipping phenomenon; the hat mouth has no obvious deviation of the head and waist, and the brim is correct, which is suitable for jamming;

The decorative parts on the hat should be correct and coordinated; the embroidery pattern should not be out of shape and wrinkle;

The ironing is flat and beautiful, and there is no twisting phenomenon in the cap;

The overall cap is clean, no stains, no creases, no breakage, etc.


Hat manufacturers: What are the hat quality requirements, how to see the quality of the hat, and the sharing is over here. For consumers, whether a hat is good or bad depends on whether it is suitable for their head shape and collocation. In terms of quality, see if there is any thread, and whether the style, color and logo pattern are in line with their wishes. However, for companies or shops that retail hats, they are faced with a variety of consumer groups. The quality of hats determines the quality of their business. It must be more attentive to control the quality of hats.

How to wash a peaked cap:

  1. Prepare a basin of warm water and add neutral detergent to the warm water.
  2. If the peaked cap is only partially dirty, you can use a soft brush to gently scrub the stains on the peaked cap.
  3. If the cap is not very clean as a whole, you can soak it in warm water, gently clean the cap body and brim, and then use a soft brush to scrub the particularly dirty parts.
  4. The summer is hot, and the head sweats. There will be more sweat stains on the sweat belt of the baseball cap. You can wash it several times to thoroughly wash off the sweat.
  5. Rinse the cap with clean water. After scrubbing, use clean water to remove the stains (do not flush the cap with the faucet, because it may deform the cap due to the impact at this step), and gently shake it off Moisture, do not use washing machine for dehydration.
  6. Unfold the peaked cap, stuff it with waste newspapers, wrap the cap with tissue paper, and lay it flat to dry. Never hang it to dry.
  7. Use tape to remove the dust and small wool on the surface of the hat.


PS: Put a few clean dishcloths inside the hat to help it shape, otherwise the hat is easily deformed and cannot be worn. If you want the hat to dry faster, then you can turn on the electric fan and blow it next to it. But never use a hair dryer or hot air blower, otherwise the hat will shrink.

What should I do if my hat turns yellow?

If the hat is left for a long time, it is easy to turn yellow or even mildew. Some brand hats are more expensive, and it is a pity to lose them. What should I do if my hat turns yellow? Hat manufacturer—New Generation Company will share with you:


  1. The bleaching method of rice washing water

Every family will have rice washing water, but everyone knows that this is also a good "bleaching agent". Put the yellowed light-colored cap into the rice washing water and soak it for half an hour. You will find that the cap will turn white miraculously.


  1. Fruit and vegetable bleaching method

In fact, many vegetables and fruits are good bleaching agents, like the familiar lemon juice, radish juice, spinach soup, etc., which can be used to clean the yellow stains on the hat.


  1. Chemical bleach washing method

Hydrogen peroxide is a good chemical bleaching agent. If the yellow stains on the caps are difficult to remove, you can also use chemical bleaching agents to wash the caps.

For custom-made hats, look for a professional hat manufacturer—New Generation. Choose New Generation, choose good quality, more than ten years of experience in producing and processing hats, "veteran" in the hat industry, and more assured of quality and quantity.

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