What is the process of custom hats? let me tell you!

 At present, hat customization has become a new fashion sought after by people, especially high-end hat customization, and it is a market that businesses focus on.

 If you do not understand hat customization, it will be difficult to get a share of the industry. This kind of customization is not simply a matter of printing a logo on the clothes. Of course, the customization process is not that complicated. Next, I will introduce the specific process of clothing customization.

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First of all, let's first understand the current mainstream hat customization mode. Generally speaking, there are two cooperation modes:

Contract labor and materials: You only need to confirm the hat to be made with the factory, and the factory will produce it after the deposit is completed, and you can pick up the goods after receiving the goods and paying.

Incoming material processing: It is necessary to lay out the board for review, and then buy the fabrics to the processing factory, which is only responsible for the production.

You can choose between these two modes. My choice is New generation, which can meet various needs!

Next, let's talk about the process of hat customization. Finding a reliable factory is not easy for inexperienced people. First of all, it is not easy to find a reliable processing factory. No one is connected, and the other has no way. Therefore, the easiest way is to find the hat industry directly on the Internet. New generation’s website is simple and convenient to operate. You only need to post the requirements on the platform and you can wait for the factory quotation. You can also check the factory homepage to learn more about the factory’s scale, qualifications and other details. For transactions, the platform also has exclusive secured transaction services to escort the transactions between the two parties, especially for those who are just starting to find factories. The next step is to provide design drafts and sample materials. There are many fabrics that can be selected for hat customization, which is also the main factor affecting the price. Although there are many textures of the materials used, high-quality fabrics use natural fabrics instead of synthetic materials, and the price of such fabrics is definitely more expensive. The hat custom factory provides customers with high-quality, timely and economical comprehensive services. Persisting in taking products as the guide to drive the development of the entire industry, it has formed a development policy with economic strength and development level as the entity, advanced culture and customer-centric marketing concepts.

Custom hats may involve a lot of content. Buttons, zippers, printing, embroidery and other materials and craftsmanship, you need to contact and understand thoroughly, otherwise the cost will not be lowered. If you exceed the budget too much, you can find ways to adjust the design plan.

The last step is to make a sample. You can let the factory make a sample first, see the factory's ability to understand the data requirements, and have an assessment of the factory's quality control system and technical level. Good samples prove that the factory has the ability to make clothes that meet your requirements. If the samples are not good, see what the problem is. After discussing with the factory, see if improvements can be made, and then you can make samples again until it is done. Until the satisfactory effect is reached. Payment for the cap factory? These should be included in the contract terms and have binding measures for both parties. New generation can also check the goods and pay. After the quality of the clothes is ensured, they can pay for the goods and then ask the other party to provide an invoice.

The process of cooperating with the factory is basically like this, the rest is that you sell through your sales channels, and then design the next style and repeat. Welcome to https://newgeneration.hk to customize your hat.

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