I heard cold winters go better with baseball caps!

They all say "chocolate is better for rainy days", "summer is better for cold coke", and you still think "winter is better for hot pot"? Nononono! You're out! This winter of 2021, I dare say as long as the baseball cap is the perfect match for this winter.

The most stylish hats in the world are here!

Baseball caps, as the name suggests, were known as the exclusive possession of baseball players in the early years.

Are you still looking for the best Cap Manufacturer in China? At New Generation!

According to the survey of today's society, hats, as the most popular accessories among young people today, are different from traditional bracelets, necklaces, earrings and other similar gold and silver accessories. 

How to spend least money and choose your suitable caps in winter?

These days I watched a lot of vedios about how to choose your perfect hats in winter. We all know that in winter it’s better for us to wear a hat not only because the winter is so cold but also we can look better even when we wear warm and heavy coat.

beanie with jacquard pattern1

Many girls love hats such as bennies and woolen caps or all kinds of hats that popular on the market.

But we most care about is how to spend least money and buy a most suitable cap for you, which especially crucial for girls to have such an”skill.” Girls won’t be satisfied with just one or two caps, they need many of them to match their clothes or accessories every day.

Actually there are many aspects to consider when choosing a hat that suits you. From the head shape, face shape, hair volume, and even the style you want, you need to read this article carefully. So how should you start without losing money?

First look at the head shape. The size of the head shape determines which hat you wear is more suitable. Some big heads are more suitable for wearing baseball caps. For smaller heads, it is recommended to buy fisherman hats and woolen caps. As for the face shape, all girls want their face is small. Then berets are not suitable for girls with big faces. Hair volume is also very important. Now I’d like to say all girls envy the girls with much hair volumn because alomost everyone stay up so late and their hair volumn is getting less and less including myself. So if you have less hair, just ignore the fisherman hats when you choose or you will expose your shortcomings. Next, the style is the most important point. Flat-brimmed hats are suitable for cute girls, berets are suitable for gentle girls, and peaked caps are the best choice for sports girls. But personally I do think wearing a berets in winter can really improbe your level of fashion style.

And we know that buy a cap in the retail stores are usually more expensive than online shop, but there are so many online owners on the internet, we can barely choose one with good quality or best after shop service, that happens all the time right?

But don’t worry about that, after seeing countless caps, one day I saw a "custom hat" from a Weibo blogger, who is my favourite blogger and I trust her a lot. So I bought one. What’s surprise me is that the size, color, pattern, etc. of the hat were all designed by myself before submitting. 

If you are looking for a new hat and don’t know how to choose. Well those who can’t find something suitable for them are all solved. At the Cap Manufacturer, you can also customize gifts for others.

Also,newgeneration make boys caps, Girls with boyfriends don’t have to worry about what gifts to give for their boyfriend’s birthday. Now, directly customize a unique and handsome hat that will definitely make him praise you. Whenever my friends have a birthday, I don’t even think about what gifts should give them every time. I’ve made seven or eight customizations now, everytime when they receive the gifts, I can see from their face that they truly love it and appreciate it.

Hats style in 2021

best hat brands

best winter hats for girls

bennie hats

Berets har for girls

types of hats

Hats may be one of the most neglected accessories in menswear.

We rarely pay attention to them, but they have the power to completely change the appearance of clothing.

Knitted hat matching rules.

The weather is getting colder and colder these days, and we can clearly feel that the number of people wearing knitted hats has increased significantly.

The winter is really freezing, and I feel a little uncomfortable as long as I leave the house every day.

But in addition to being cold, it also has some merits, for example, you can wear a cute woolen hat again.

The weather is getting colder and colder these days, and we can clearly feel that the number of people wearing knitted hats has increased significantly.

As the darling of autumn and winter fashion, what clothes do knitted hats look good with? How to create an extraordinary taste? 

Knitted hats are usually worn in autumn and winter.

In spring and summer, if you choose a thin cotton knit hat, you can also wear it. 

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