1. What is the hats MOQ (Minimum Quantity Order)?

Our MOQ is 300 pcs / style / color / size.

2. Why the MOQ is so high?

Because we customize everything and we do custom-made. 
If you are looking for small qty , we recommend you to your local wholesale headwear shops which allow you to choose among the blank caps premade in different colors that they have in stock and to customize from a blank cap.
Our headwear process is different as we don’t customize on premade caps, but customize the different parts of the hats first, then we sew the cap.

3. What is the payment terms?

Payment terms for samples and shipping (DHL, Fedex,…): by paypal for small amount < USD 300.
Payment terms for bulk order: 50% deposit / 50% balance before shipping via T/T (wire transfer). 

4. How much does a cap sample cost?

Samples are free of charge for regular customers.
For new customer, we offer the 1st sample free of charge. We don't charge any fees related to embroidery digital file, printing, taping, woven label excepted mold charges and some special printing fees if there are. Then the next ones cost USD 50 / pcs.
Please be aware that making a sample cost more than USD 50.

5. What is the shipping fees of a sample?

Depending on your location, shipping fees of samples cost about 50-75 USD (DHL, Fedex, UPS).
For regular customers with order > 1,000 pcs, we offer free shipping fees of samples as well.

6. What is the sampling time and the production lead time?

Sampling is about 10-15 days. Some designs requiring mold fees or special fabrics would be longer.
Production time for bulk is about 25-35 days after the sample/PPS and deposit are confirmed. It would be longer for larger qty.
We confirm to you the estimated finished date before you place the order.

7. What is the headwear’s price range?

Since it is a custom-made product, we need to check your design, then will be able to quote.
Please contact us to get a quote!

8. What is the headwear’s quality?

Our factory does high-end quality. We produce only for brands.

9. Where is our headwear factory located?

We are located in China in the province of GuangDong. 
Don’t trust on the stereotype “Made In China = Low Quality”. It is not true for all. Although many Chinese factories produce low quality at low costs due to the high demand, many Chinese factories are also capable to manufacture high quality products like us.

10. How do I make hat sample?

You need to fill out a tech pack in Adobe Illustrator (your design with all the information on how you would like to make the cap sample such style of headwear, fabric, color, position, logo in vector file, type of embellishment, etc…). If you don’t know how to use AI, you might ask a freelance designer to help you. Unfortunately, we don’t provide design service to avoid any misunderstanding on final samples.

11. What are the type of embellishments available?

We can make all types of decoration that you can find on the market (all kind of Embroideries, Printing, Patches , Debossed or Embossed Badges, Applique, etc…). You can show us a picture of the decoration found on internet and we will make it. For some complicated designs, we would alert the limit of each technique and advise the appropriate decoration technique to make if needed
and eventually the risk in mass order according to our experience.

12. How do artworks need to be?

All artworks need to be in vector file (not in jpeg).

13. Do we provide certificate of origin or GSP form A?

Yes, upon demand.

14. Do we supply sustainable fabrics for headwear?

Yes, please contact us to know more on the sustainable fabrics available like recycled fabrics and organic cotton.

15. Do we test our fabrics to check any harmful or hazardous substance?

Yes, upon demand and at client’s costs. Let us your requirements and we can have 3rd party like SGS or Intertek or TUV to make it.

16. Can we customize packing and trims?

Yes, we can such as carton, polybag, sticker, hangtag, barcode, plastic hook,… All items have MOQ from our suppliers.

17. Why choosing us as cap manufacturer among all the headwear suppliers?

Simply, because we control the quality of mass order same as sample whereas most of factories can’t make it.

18. How to choose a reliable cap manufacturer?

We suggest to use different headwear factories in sampling stage, then choose the one that you think it is suitable for your bulk order based on the quality, pricing, lead time, service, communication,…