Affordable Cap Manufacturer Around You

If you have an experience of making custom caps, you will know that if you want to make custom cap your order has to be over a certain quantity. Why is that?

The answer actually is very simple and I think most of you already know the answer. Yes, it is profit. As a cap manufacturer if the order quantity is lower than MOQ the profit might get too less for a factory to do it, or can’t even cover the cost. So now you know why almost every cap manufacturer will set a MOQ. If you were doing the business won’t you put profit at first too?

But if I really don’t need that much caps, and I really want to make custom caps by a cap factory, is it really has no chance? Actually, it is possible but you may not want to insist after you know how it works. According to the summary above, we know that the reason why a cap manufacturer won’t take low quantities order is because the profit is too less, so if the profit is good enough even the order lower than MOQ the cap factory can still take the order, but that means the custom price will has to be rise, and that also make one of the advantages of make custom caps by cap manufacturer vanish. And I think most people will lose interest if a cap factory no longer has price advantage.

New generation can make caps that combine almost any color, pattern or fabric. This makes it easier to react to the latest fad, which nowadays includes purple, green and the old standbys red and black, the colors of Michael Jordan’s uniform when he played for the Chicago Bulls.

So I hope that you can understand that as a cap manufacturer we didn’t want to give you the wrong massage. We love doing business and we need to make sure that every order we take have a fair profit so that we can keep our factory running. And we are very looking forward to cooperate with you someday.  

As cap manufacturer with many years of experience in China. We focus on producing all kinds of caps and hats, such as Sports Cap, Baseball cap, Snapback cap, Visor, Bucket Cap, Trucker Cap, Dad Cap, Beret, Winter Cap, Balaclava Face Mask, Camouflage Cap and so on. We promise excellent quality, competitive price, fast delivery.