A Brief History Of FlexFit Hats

FlexFit hats are a natural evolution of the favored fitted hat style.

Although fitted hats have been popular for years, they’ve always had one major drawback: Sizing. It’s been an imprecise process of trying to work out precisely the right size to suit good on the top, and sizes aren’t always equal across different brands. Even after you find the “right” size, your head could also be somewhere in between, so every hat is usually just a bit too loose or too tight for comfort.

Plus, from hat factory perspective, it meant buying plenty of different sizes and hoping that you simply bought the proper quantities to suit the heads of your customers.

They solved an enormous problem within the hat market by making hats that look and desire a fitted, but without a similar limitation on sizing.

5 panel camp cap with customer fabric1


With these flexible caps, you get the clean and sporty look of a fitted hat, but the comfort and ease of flexible sizing.

Each size hat will fit more heads, which suggests you won’t need to worry about stocking a bunch of various sizes to make sure you've got the one you would like. Just order the quantity you would like in a few standard sizes and you’re bound to have one that fits just right.

Your customers are going to be happy because buying the proper size hat is that much easier,

and they’ll love the comfortable fit that feels good.

FlexFit hats are available in different variety of materials, colors, and designs.


5 panel High Profile Snapback Cap With 3D Embroidery1

Because the fitted hat isn’t intended to be adjusted frequently, the front panels are often made with stiffer material, which makes it the winner in this category. The stiffer material can yield more impressive custom baseball caps and also withstand the test of time. Additionally, the lack of an adjustment piece in the back means that you can add custom logos there.


Winter Hat with Pom Pom1

The fitted cap, because of its very nature, has a cleaner, more finished look, which can make it a good choice when you’re dressing up a bit. The fitted hat lets you do more with your hairstyle because you have that extra space in the back. The fitted cap makes it very hard to do anything but wear your hair down or in a low bun or ponytail.

Cost and Durability

wool cap with custom taping and label1

Fitted caps are typically a little more expensive because they aren’t considered one-size-fits-all. Their stretchable fabric fits snugly against the head for a more personalized feel. That said, they are usually also a little more durable because they don’t have as many extra pieces compromising the integrity of the hat.

The fitted caps are incredibly popular with celebrities and influencers wearing all styles.

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