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Before the beanie we all know today was created, there have been caps called Monmouth caps. Created around the 15th century in the town of Monmouth in Wales, they remained as the popular hat option from the 15th to the 18th century. Then, within the 18th century, beanies became the favored go-to option for men in Scandinavia with outdoor jobs.


This new variation was made out of wool and was thicker than the favored Monmouth hat. Since these were for workingmen within the cold and not for fashion, they were much thicker than the Monmouth caps.

Fishermen, hunters, and anyone else who worked outside the cold wore these “knit caps” as they were called at the time. While facing down the freezing temperatures, they needed something to protect their head and ears against the elements.

Throughout the years, so many variations of the knit cap has been created. Some variations were created throughout time with earflaps, face protection, or pom-poms on top, based on the country that the beanie became popular in. Even the Vikings were known to wear a variation of the beanie for a period of the time.

Beanies were only traditionally worn outside in colder countries and infrequently worn as a logo of fashion.

In the 20th century, a sort of the beanie became popular in Britain called the bobble cap. It looks just like the beanie we all know today only with a pom-pom on top. These were used mainly for the sports athletes throughout the United Kingdom that played in the cold.

Fast-forward to today and most of the people wearing beanies aren’t northern fishermen outside within the cold.
Beanies are acceptable to wear out and about without having a hard-outdoor job. They’re seen both in the cold mountains and also in urban areas.

Whether your company focuses on street wear, outdoor enthusiasts, or people with excellent fashion sense, we have the custom beanies you need, because we are the best beanies manufacturer.

We might not all be facing down harsh temperatures day in and outing, but a warm beanie on a chilly day may be a perfect thing for anyone.


A custom beanie is actually a great option for any company that desires to make their mark in their industry. Beanies are some of the oldest hats throughout history and that they represent hard work and determination. After all, to stand outside in the freezing Scandinavian weather, you can’t be soft.

By choosing a beanie, you're making your mark that you simply love the hard work. You’re up for the hustle because you're keen on an honest challenge. Your customers, supporters, and employees are going to be proud to represent your brand on their beanies.

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