China Cap Manufacturing Industry

Celebrities pay an essential role in the China cap manufacturing industry, as their style significantly influences the fashion choices of people. Cap manufacturers in China follow the latest fashion trends and produce trending cap style that would capture the market. Some of the cap trends that have gained popularity in China are:

Newsboy Caps 

Essentially made with wool, newsboy caps are baseball caps with an extra-long top. It is a rounded cap with a small brim. It is sewn with eight panels.

British singer and actor Harry Styles is amongst the many celebrities who have sported a Newsboy cap in public. Other prominent English celebrities who have been spotted wearing a Newsboy cap are Mick Jagger, Bruce Springsteen, and Elton John. These caps were worn by characters in the web series Peaky Blinders and are now popular as Peaky Blinders Caps.

Garrison Tailors are world-known British manufacturers of the Peaky Blinders Caps. They use 100% wool tweed for the production and the skill of their workmen is evident in the neat stitches of the cap.

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 Fiddler Caps

Fiddler caps are a soft baseball cap with a flat top and small visor. The material used to make these caps is either blue or black wool, corduroy, or denim. It is also called the mariner’s cap, skipper cap, or Greek fisherman’s cap.

Fiddler Caps have received a lot of love in Western China. John Lennon, an English singer, songwriter, and peace activist was spotted wearing a black fiddler cap.

Brixton is a California based company and is one of the biggest manufacturers of fiddler caps in the UK. It is a clothing brand found in 2004, that offers a counter-cultural collection.

Beret Caps

Since the bronze age, beret caps have been worn by people everywhere. It is a soft and round cap, with a flat crown. Materials used to make a beret caps are knitted wool, wool felt, cotton, and acrylic fiber. The cap is popular amongst the French people and is a symbol of their simplicity along with military authority.

New Generation is a China brand, operating in the caps industry for years now. It is a reputed manufacturer of a large variety of hats, cats, and beret caps. New Generation caps offer comfort and are produced with special attention to ergonomics. The production is carried out production in small batches according to demand.

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