Custom production of baseball caps for baseball games

I am a premature baby. For ordinary babies, my body is relatively thin and weak, but thanks to the care of my parents, I am also growing up healthily. As a premature baby, my height and weight have always been lower than others. Makes me feel very inferior.

Once the school organized a baseball game, I love baseball very much, so I took the initiative to sign up to participate in the baseball game regulations, participating students must wear baseball uniforms and baseball caps and sports shoes. I naturally can’t buy the baseball uniforms and baseball caps purchased by the school, because my body is too short, so my mother took me to the major shopping malls to buy suitable bats, uniforms and sports shoes. Of course, I recommend wearing them. My age is much younger than my actual age, but I cannot buy a suitable baseball cap because my head circumference is too small. But there was no baseball cap of the right size in the place where I lived at that time. So I was very worried that the children's baseball cap was too small and I couldn't bring it in at all.

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When I thought that next month’s baseball game would not be able to participate because I did not have a suitable hat, I cried anxiously. I love baseball so much, that is my only hobby. Mom knows that I am sad, and helped me to ask a lot of friends and colleagues to learn about this website, this is a website that can customize hats, my mother measured my head circumference and gave my name Designed on the baseball cap in the form of artistic fonts. Wow, this hat is so cool!

On the day of the game, the baseball cap fabric I was wearing was made of stretch cotton. Cotton is used because it is more comfortable and friendly to the skin, and has strong moisture absorption. The sweat band is elastic. The elasticity can adapt to the shape of my head. The lining cloth on the front page is mostly non-deformed Oxford cloth. The embroidery is also very delicate. My name candy is very special on it. Since the brim of the hat is longer to block the sun’s eyes from the sun, although I was not the best student in the game that day, the baseball cap with my name let me on the court. Finished the game confidently and powerfully.

I have kept that baseball cap for a long time, not only because it is very durable and durable, but also because it has a certain collection value, and it is the baseball cap that let me know that no matter how small my body is, the appearance No matter how bad the conditions are, as long as I have a strong heart, I will be no different from others. And tells me that the normal hand wash, the hat will not shrink in general. Wash with cold or warm water around 30 degrees. Do not wash with too hot water, otherwise the hat will shrink after washing. When washing the hat, it is best to wash it with soap instead of washing with washing powder and other preservation methods, so that I can better protect the hat.

Because of my unique hat with my own name, my classmates were very curious and kept asking me where I bought the hat. Because of this, a few classmates also customized the same hats as mine, and we became good friends. Later, I also looked for when customizing class uniforms and caps in the class and customizing exclusive baseball uniforms and baseball caps for the baseball team I was in. Custom production of baseball caps for baseball games

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