How to match a high-value hat that suits you according to your own conditions

A hat is an indispensable piece of clothing in life now. 

 Don't look at this small accessory, it can be matched, it can be used for sun protection, it can set off the face shape and cover our big face, as well as the greasy hair that can cover up the explosion. The hat is mainly an accessory for dressing and matching, highlighting the personal fashion temperament, and then considering other functions! It is easy to buy a hat, but it is best to know in advance to buy a suitable hat: how to match one according to your own conditions What about a high-value hat that suits you?

According to your face shape, after clarifying your own face shape, consider what you are suitable for. The top of the square crown hat is sharp and angular, suitable for the girl with a round face and flesh face. It can be appropriately modified to give a small face; a round crown is easy to make The face looks fatter. The hat brim is also divided into a curved and flat brim. The curved brim is the best one to control. It looks good with long hair and short hair.

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According to one's skin color, fair skin color is better, and hats are suitable for more colors, but because white skin is easy to give people a sense of weakness, it is not suitable to choose white hats; people with ruddy skin color should choose a hat with a larger color range. Wide, it can be coordinated with many colors, but it is not suitable to choose particularly bright colors. When choosing a hat, everyone should pay attention to the overall effect of matching with the clothing, so as to double their temperament!

Let’s talk about the collocation of clothing again. Wearing a hat with the same color as the clothing or similar to the main color can give people a sense of freshness and elegance; wearing a hat with a strong contrast with the clothing color makes people feel lively and vigorous~ Generally speaking , When the gap between the hat and the clothing is large, the figure will appear shorter, and the hat and clothing of the same color will have a good slender figure effect.

In the end, your own figure is also a key factor. Some tall people wearing small hats will inevitably make people look heavier at the beginning, so as long as you are this kind of person, avoid wearing small hats; and short stature, especially women Friends, it is not advisable to wear flat tops and wide eaves; tall female friends should not wear tall hats~

In short, choosing a hat is to make use of strengths and avoid weaknesses. The above points are not enough. Choose a hat according to the atmosphere, occasion and other factors. Choosing a suitable hat can not only play a finishing touch on decoration and beautification, but also bring you confidence and confidence. Beautiful mood all day long. I also accidentally discovered a treasure which has been repurchased indefinitely and the price is reasonable. They are a hat-making factory, specializing in designing and producing custom hats according to the wishes of customers. The texture is also good, to provide customers with the highest quality products, innovative and practical design, fine workmanship, the fastest turnaround time and the best customer service to ensure long-term cooperation, not just limited to one order. The most important thing that attracted me is that the hats new generation make are not only good-looking, but also incorporate a variety of elements, and have multiple series. Each series of products has its own characteristics, and they all have their own personality and are not bad. In front of us, it is not a hat, a kind of clothing, but more like a living character. New Generation Headwear is a Professional Custom Cap Manufacturer in China.