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There is a story about hats, which touches my heart very much. There used to be a little girl named Anna. She was very beautiful and had very enviable golden hair. But after she was diagnosed with a tumor in her body, she received chemotherapy. The originally sunny, active, cheerful little girl suddenly became taciturn and depressed. All of her beautiful blond hair fell out.

Anna's mother bought her a beautiful hat in order to allow Anna to be in contact with others. But because the weather is not cold, wearing a hat makes people feel very strange. Anna loves to read very much. She wants to go back to school and see her classmates, but she is worried that they will laugh at her. Anna's mother kept encouraging Anna to return to the classroom, but at the same time she was also worried about Anna.However when they walked into the classroom, the scene of the classroom shocked Anna. She saw that all the classmates were wearing colorful hats. Why do students wear hats?

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It turned out that when Anna decided to go to school, the head teacher announced that from next week, everyone should wear a hat they like, the more special the better. The head teacher is a kind and approachable middle-aged lady who cares about students. From the beginning of Anna's hospitalization, she paid attention to Anna's situation, until she heard that Anna decided to return to school, she began to create a relaxed classroom atmosphere for Anna.

In the classroom, some students wore hats and some did not wear hats. Everyone didn't care that Anna was wearing a hat, so Anna could go to school freely. An action looks trivial , but it resolved the psychological barrier of the child who was on the verge of suffering. As long as everyone gives a little love, the world will become a beautiful world. There are too many regrets in this world, and there are too many things that make people unacceptable. Some choose to complain, some choose to accept the reality and make themselves a force to change the environment. To be the change and don't be overwhelmed by the environment. The New Generation headwear manufacturer is the change for many people.

The production line is equipped with special hats and caps producing machines, concluding the high standard BARUDA brand embroidery machines; The KANSAI brand high speed sewing machine and ironing machine series which made in a durable condition etc…, with great technological force.

They can manufacture more than 200,000 pcs of hats and caps per month and can also produce more than 300 varieties of baseball caps, snapback cap, fitted caps, mesh trucker, 5 panels camp caps, Gatsby hats, Bucket hats, duck-tongue caps, visors, 4 panel hats, 5 panel hats, dad hats, winter caps and beret hats etc. With different fabrics and styles, their products have been exported to many countries and regions including  America, Japan, Australia, UK, Germany, France, Romania, Russia, South Africa etc. Over these years of service, they’ve gained the praise, recommendation and most especially the trust of our customers with the superior products quality and shipment on time.

Their factory’s main aim is to offer the best quality with most reasonable price and best service to build win-win relationship with their customers. If you want to experience different hats or caps style, welcome to know New Generation manufacturer which is the cap manufacturer you can’t miss.

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