Manufacturing Cap Process

Manufacturing Cap Process

Once all details of the cap sample are confirmed, we proceed to the production of the cap.

We can detail this manufacturing process in several steps.

 >1.Preparation of the fabric

A)  We purchase with our fabric supplier the fabric. Once arrived in our factory, our fabric’s department checks the quality/quantity and compares the color to the sample or Pre-production sample.

a. If there isn’t color variance, we proceed to step 2.

b. If there is color variance, we always show to customer for approval. For information, the color variance is due to the difference of rolls of fabric which have been produced at different time from the fabric supplier. In other words, the fabric that we bought to make sample and the fabric that we bought for bulk order don’t come from the same roll produced. For little color variance, professional customer use to accept it because it would extend the production time, excepted in the case where the color variance is too big, then we search in our swatch cards or source (if we don’t have) the right color and propose it to customer for approval again. Manufacturing Cap Process 01

B)  Once the fabric is confirmed, our fabric department will proceed to cutting. The cutting consists in bending the fabric in several layers and uses a press machine to compress with an iron mold. For each shape of hat, we have different iron mold. This step is to prepare the fabric for sewing and customization part. Then, we have the fabric in panels of the cap crown and the fabric for the visor ready.

>2. Preparation of the customization parts and sewing of the cap

a. With our suppliers

All the steps are not linear. Some custom parts which don’t need the fabric are proceeded from the beginning like print taping, print sweatband, print lining, print sweatband label, print washing label, embossing/debossing leather or metal badge, indeed whatever the custom option chosen of the cap which are independent of the fabric cutting. For each custom technique, we have 2 or 3 regular suppliers to insure the quality and the speed. We only make embroideries in house. We have 12 Barudan and Tajima embroidery machines and 2 small one for embroidery of samples. All are working 24 hours with 3 different teams.

Manufacturing Cap Process 02For the customizations made with our suppliers, our merchandisers follow the progress to avoid any delay and coordinate the timing with the assembly of the caps. At last, merchandiser checks the quality of customizations compared to the sample once back to our cap factory before fixing them on the cap.

b. In our factory

We have about 300 sewing machines organized into 6 production lines. Our production manager organizes each week the caps order to sew in each line that every worker can see their tasks in a big white board. Each line has a chief to insure the continuity of the production of the hats orders. We produce about 200k pcs per month.

Manufacturing Cap Process 03

We can detail all the small tasks to make a cap in each production line as follows:

  • Add buckram on the two front panels. (link to )

  • Sew the plastic brim with the fabric
  • Stitch the above part of the brim of the cap circularly(link to )

  • Sew the different panels to form the crown(link to  )

  • Seam the tape between each panel inside the crown
  • Sew the brim with the crown of the cap(link to )

  • Sew the sweatband at the back bottom of the crown
  • Sew the interior washing label
  • Sew the inside label on the sweatband
  • Sew the crown with the visor
  • Stitch the eyelets of each panel(link to )

  • Stitch at the bottom of the crown and the border of each panels
  • Sew the closure
  • Add the top button

Above are not the full production tasks. We can have more or less tasks. All depend on the style of the hat.

After we assemble the cap, we clean the interior and the exterior by cutting all the extra-threads and clean the cap with air jet.

Then we can process to the blocking steam machine to get the cap shape.

Manufacturing Cap Process 04

Manufacturing Cap Process 05>3. Shape of the cap

We have 6 productions lines to insure the continuity of the manufacturing cap process and the fast turnaround. This step consists in getting the final shape of the cap once we assemble the panels, visor, sweatband, taping, and closure. We use a cap blocking steam machine which allows to wet the cap from inside through a iron head with plenty of hole where get through the very high degree steam, and at the same time to block the crown of the cap thanks to a puller down during a few seconds. Then, our workers in charge of steaming check the shape and place the cap on the conveyor belt which allow cooling down the caps with some fans blowing under the conveyor belt. Of course, each shape of the cap requires a different iron head.

We refer to this video to understand the steaming and blocking process of the cap in order to get the wanted shape.  

( )

Manufacturing Cap Process 06>4. Cleaning and packaging

Then caps slide down to a long big table on which others workers QC by comparing with the proto-sample, then others workers cut extra-threads, put the pre-made custom trims like printed polybags, customized hangtags, product barcode stickers, plastic hook… and clean again with powerful air jet. In the end, others workers put them depending on the packing instructions of the customer in inner cartons, then master cartons pre-printed with style number, name, gross weight, net weight, dimension…

Manufacturing Cap Process 07

As you see, we have a very detailed procedure for manufacturing high-end headwear.

Our quality is really superior to others competitors. If you are looking for high quality custom headwear, we really recommend you to test an order with us to see that we are a top professional hat manufacturer.

Manufacturing Cap Process 08

A detail very important of our quality that is not common in Chinese factories: our managing staff at different levels and sewing workers are most of us the same every year after Chinese New Year, because we treat everyone well fairly, financially and humanly as we consider everyone as a family. Everyone worker knows the level of quality that customer requires. This can really insure the same quality of the headwear all the year although many factories need to train new workers again especially just after Chinese New Year.

Manufacturing Cap Process 09

As conclusion, all the production line of our manufacturing process is very safe and smooth in order to make the cap bulk order same as samples, whereas most of competitors can’t control quality same as sample. This is really our superiority compared to our competitors! As said again, do not hesitate to try one bulk order and you will see the difference between us and our competitors.