Pre-delivery inspection standards for custom-made hats

The inspection becomes a very important process before the delivery of the large goods of custom-made hats for enterprises. Before the delivery of the bulk goods, what issues should we pay attention to when inspecting the hats, and what are the acceptance standards for the bulk goods of custom-made hats? Custom hat manufacturer—New Generation will share with you:

  1. Fabric accessories: For hats of the same style, the quality of the fabric determines the grade of the hat. Therefore, the fabric is the most important factor in the performance of the hat. And hats made of good fabrics are much better than low-grade fabrics in terms of wearing life and functionality. The same is true for accessories sweatbands. When accepting large quantities of custom-made hats, pay attention to whether all the hat fabric accessories are consistent with the samples.
  1. Cap size: It is also an important standard for the acceptance and inspection of custom hats. Some hats are designed with copper buckles, iron buckles, seven-hole breast buckles, rope belt structure, etc., which can be adjusted by themselves; some hats are fully sealed Styles require different sizes, and companies want more than the same size. Regardless of the type of tail buckle, the size of the hat must be fit, comfortable to wear, and in line with the needs, so it is particularly important to be loose and moderate, and whether the cap size is in compliance with the specification is also very important.
  1. Consistent layout and symmetrical plate shape: To test custom-made hats, you first need to carefully check whether all the process steps of the hat are consistent with the sample, and whether the plate shape of the hat is symmetrical. Some hats will show asymmetrical visors and uneven cutting Regulations and other conditions.
  1. Workmanship: The first thing is to see whether the car line of the hat is symmetrical? Is the sweat belt straight? Is the needle pitch thin or dense? Generally, the stitch pitch is better, and the stitching is regular. Whether there is a back stitch on the interface car line, whether there is any situation such as exposed thread.
  1. All cleaning: Check whether there are staining, fading, and dirtiness on the appearance of the custom-made hat. Some hats may be stained with oil stains or stains that are not easy to clean. If not, it proves that the products of this custom-made hat manufacturer are better.
  1. Ironing: Ironing of hats is the last production link before labeling and packaging of hats. When ironing hats, make sure that every hat and every part of the hat is ironed evenly. The hat made in this way has a three-dimensional and stylish appearance.
  1. Packaging: Standardized packaging is also a matter to pay attention to when accepting large quantities of custom-made hats. First of all, let's check whether the hats are laid flat, whether there are any missing installations, holes, cracks, etc. In the custom hat manufacturer—Dongguan Xinquanshi Clothing Co., Ltd., if the customer does not specify a requirement, it usually packs 1 plastic bag for every 25 hats, an inner box for every 1 tape hat, and an outer carton for every 8 inner boxes. The outer box can be printed according to customer needs. If the customer has specified requirements, in the packaging quality inspection, we must pay more attention to whether it is the same as our own requirements.

The birth of a good hat requires special care in terms of product positioning, design, raw material acquisition, and production. The inspection process is equally important. You don’t have to wait until the bulk delivery date to check again. It can also be done at any time during the production process. Sampling inspection can prevent unnecessary hat corrections and rework problems to the greatest extent, so that hat manufacturers and customers can save time and labor costs to the greatest extent, and ultimately achieve a win-win situation.

After the production of hats, the inspection of bulk goods acceptance is the ultimate test of the production quality and technical level of custom-made hat manufacturers. Only by continuously improving the production technology and management level of hat manufacturers, and improving their industry standards on the whole, can they produce more high-quality products, be recognized by more customers, and be recognized by the market in the field of hat customization. Newgeneration.HK Top Headwear Manufacturer, our quality tenet: do not plan for defective products, do not produce defective products, and do not allow defective products to leave the factory. For more information on custom-made hats, please visit Newgeneration.HK Top Headwear Manufacturer. Your inquiry is welcome.


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