Private Label Manufacturer

The new generation is a one-stop shop that can meet your customized, private brand headwear needs.

We pride ourselves on manufacturing custom private label headwear of the highest quality standards. If you have a logo or need a custom creative design, then we can do all these things for the final product, you just need to contact us and you can contact anyone else!

With an undeniable passion for innovation, participation in the community and forward-looking business practices, our team has become a model of conscious business practices. For many years, we have been providing private label service and white label service. Our private label service is of the highest level, and our creative design team will bring the hats you have always wanted for your company, organization or team.


Our design team has countless capabilities. Since 1973, we have been designing wearable artworks and honed our skills into the most sophisticated technology in the industry. If you have the idea of ​​a hat that wants to represent a brand, company, store or team, we will accompany you to complete every step of the design masterpiece, from the main sketch to the finished product. We have the talent to turn your ideas into reality, and we have received support from many satisfied customers.


Our materials only come from the best manufacturers, and must pass strict and extensive testing before they can be considered suitable for use in our products. As for decorative accessories, our design team can contact our production process to get a truly amazing addition.


The prototype stage is where the rubber intersects the road. Once we have completed all the details of the new hat design, we will determine the materials needed, the quantity of each material and how to assemble them most efficiently. We spend a lot of time at this stage, making changes as needed, and figuring out the most effective production techniques that can be applied when building a specific design. We categorize all statistical information about the time spent in hat manufacturing and the materials used to find a reasonable price based on our overall investment.


It can be said that this is the most important stage in the design process. In this step, we have fine-tuned and streamlined the entire construction process to achieve the fastest delivery speed and the lowest consumer price without affecting our products. quality.

Finding the right private label manufacturer can be difficult. You put trust and reputation into the product. In the new generation, our ultimate goal is to ensure that the products you receive can not only support you, but also make many adjustments and adjustments to achieve this goal. Just calling us and asking a few questions is enough to make you one of the best decisions ever made.