Spend the least money to own the best hat for you

I am a fashion blogger, and I have an account on well-known websites in China. Today I will share my experience in picking hats, so that you will no longer get lost, and the pursuit of taste is no less than that of others, so I will teach you how to spend the least money to have the most perfect hat. .

There are many aspects to consider when choosing a hat that suits you. From the head shape, face shape, hair volume, and even the style you want, you need to study carefully. So how should you start without losing money?

First look at the head shape. The size of the head shape determines which hat you wear is more suitable. Some big heads are more suitable for wearing baseball caps. For smaller heads, it is recommended to buy fisherman hats and woolen caps. As for the face shape, all girls want it. The face is small. Then berets are not suitable for girls with big faces. Hair volume is also very important. It is best to stay away from the fisherman hat if you have less hair, otherwise others will be able to see that you have less hair, which is counterproductive. Style is the most important point. Flat-brimmed hats are suitable for cute girls, berets are suitable for gentle girls, and peaked caps are the best choice for sports girls. Among the hats I have worn, peaked caps are the most down-to-earth. The most versatile one is the one I finally determined. Whether it’s a Korean or a retro American girl, whether it’s going to school or going out on the street, the peaked cap is my best choice, and my skin is not very good, so I can’t wear sunscreen often, so I use it. A peaked cap is perfect for physical sun protection.

So the problem is that there are so many caps on the Internet, although the size can be adjusted, but sometimes they are still not suitable, and many hats are worn, and they immediately hit the same style with others. This is embarrassing. Even if the size of some hats is suitable, but The color and pattern are not what I want. After seeing countless caps, one day I saw a "custom hat" https://newgeneration.hk/ from a Weibo blogger. This is not what I need most. Well, when I first heard about the hat factory, I was very curious, so I tried it with excitement. I didn’t expect to be amazed. The size, color, pattern, etc. of the hat were all designed by myself before submitting.

Do it for a hat factory, so that you have the hat tailored for yourself that you have always wanted but couldn't find, and it is of high quality and low price. Those who can’t find something suitable for them are all solved. At the Cap Manufacturer https://newgeneration.hk/, you can also customize gifts for others.

Girls with boyfriends don’t have to worry about what gifts to give for their boyfriend’s birthday. Now, directly customize a unique and handsome hat that will definitely make him praise you. Since I learned about this, not only my own troubles have been solved, but my friends and family also don’t worry about birthdays. I don’t even think about it every time. I’ve made seven or eight customizations now. I think I’ve become a designer. This process is really simple and happy. Girls hurry up and design your own hats.

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