The first in the hat list in the fashion industry, no hat, no summer!

If there is an accessory in summer that can make boys and girls unable to restrain their desire to shop, then this item must be hats. All kinds of hats are dazzling, and today I will share with you the king's hat in the fashion industry-baseball caps.

Baseball cap matching skills

The hat that fashionable boys and girls love is not only good-looking but also sun-proof. Wearing a hat basically doesn't need to worry about the hairstyle. It is a cool existence to match casual clothes at random. And baseball will never tire of wearing it all year round, and wearing it shows a small face. Baseball caps are more challenging for caps, while NEWGERATION caps have shapes and patterns that are thinner, have a stylish forehead and breathable back forehead. It’s also easy to clean. You don’t have to worry about sweating during fitness exercises. Finally, long face and small face are especially suitable for wearing peaked caps. NEWGERATION's peaked caps are designed with a dome, which can effectively eliminate the angularity of the square face. The form and color of hats must be matched with clothes, scarves, gloves and shoes. Ladies wearing glasses, don't wear hats with complicated floral decorations on them. It is not advisable to cover your forehead with the hat. The hat should be taller, so that you can show your chic and elegant temperament.

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Herringbone Fitted Short Brim Cap With 3D Embroidery1

Baseball cap color matching

The two seasons of spring and summer give the impression of youth and vitality, and it is essential to choose light colors.

Khaki: This is a long-lasting color, very gentle and versatile, set off the skin color, but also very suitable for friends in the style of Japanese tooling.

Creamy white: refreshing white, full of vitality. Friends with fair complexion can start directly without thinking about it, it is a very nice color combination. But milky white is easy to get dirty, so pay attention to cleaning and protection.

Smoky gray: a popular color in 2021, with a stylish appearance. It is more suitable for friends who like matching silhouette suits. Those who like sex and cold wind can consider starting.

Navy blue letters: Continuing the consistent Japanese design style, the pure color and simple cap body presents the letter logo, highlighting the retro temperament

Lively cyan: blue and orange are mixed with hot and cold, and the back of the hat can be adjusted in size, which can be worn by both men and women.

NEWGERATION elastic fully enclosed baseball cap. According to the official website, the brand has ten patented technologies that help improve comfort, such as moisture wicking, waterproof, dry, and flexible visor. The waterproof, lightweight fabrics and three-layer elastic sweat-proof belt used in some series are more conducive to daily exercise. The shape-preserving technology of the brim can also adjust the curvature by hand. At the same time, it provides customized products and services for many brands in the world. The brand has multiple series, each of which has its own characteristics.

Custom baseball cap selection

Want the luxury of texture, or the elegance of temperament, whether it is a tumultuous trend or a fascinating mood. When the big brands have a unified design and there is no way to meet your needs, personalized customization can be achieved! To buy custom baseball caps online, NEWGERATION is the first choice. Whether it is a soft top or a tough top, you can also customize the LOGO of the hat. You can choose the material, design and style by yourself. Communicate with customer service on some details. Custom hats are very beautiful and innovative whether they are for gifts to relatives and friends or used in company group activities. The quality control of NEWGERATION is very strict, the appearance is fashionable and the workmanship is exquisite, the products are unique and individual, and the styles are versatile.

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Fashionable wear, the best choice for outdoor fitness.

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