The hidden Cap Manufacturer in the British fashion show

Each hat in the spring of 2020 will attract different types of fashion people. In the baseball cap special session of a British fashion show, these hats customized by the NewGeneration Cap Manufacturer are eye-catching and outstanding.

Pink satin baseball cap worn by Abner

If someone thinks black and white is a bit clichéd, why not try this pink satin baseball cap customized in a hat factory. The hat is made of satin fabric, which looks more silky and soft. And the use of pink elements makes the baseball cap look more cute and cute, and also shows a high-quality fashion sense. The convex and concave body of the hat means that this hat will not pick up the figure, and everyone will have a three-dimensional and delicate sense of face when wearing it. The baseball cap does not have too many patterns, the design is simple and simple, and the various skirts of women will look fresh and refined, which can be said to show the beauty of women incisively and vividly.

fitted cap with big 3d embroidery and flat embroidery1

Floral camping hat worn by Brenda

Looking at the gypsophila from a distance and the flowery path up close, the floral hat customized by the hat factory is low-key and fresh with luxury. The small floral baseball cap is especially age-reducing and easy to match. The beautiful pastoral retro pattern shows the unique fashion taste. The cap body is made of pure cotton material, which is very comfortable to wear without feeling stuffy. The brim design is very sun-proof, with fashion and popular elements as the source of inheritance, and the length of the tail buckle is adjustable to make the hat more humane.

Black curved brim baseball cap worn by Egbert

If you like casual and simple style, you might as well come to a hat factory custom-made curved brim baseball cap. This hat is specially customized with good materials. Both the hat type and the style are the best choice, the most fashionable and the most practical, and it is especially comfortable to wear. The hat does not have too many decorations, but there is a small embroidered logo with a simple letter on the front of the hat, which is full of hand feeling, adding a touch of life to the original ordinary hat, without losing its characteristics in simplicity. No matter what kind of clothes you wear, as long as you wear a curved-brimmed baseball cap, the overall shape is more casual and comfortable. This hat is an excellent choice for street collocation.

Cameron's hip-hop baseball cap

Hip-hop is a kind of popular culture that originated from primitive tribes in Africa. With the broadcasting of various hip-hop programs, hip-hop has gradually evolved into a global youth cultural movement. Hip-hop style is not limited to talent shows on stage. In modern life, more and more people choose to use hip-hop hats as a tool to match their various outfits. More and more people buy hats, naturally more and more people look for hat factories to customize hats. When the hat factory designs and processes baseball caps, it retains the hip-hop personality style. There are embroidery, printing, washing and other craft designs under the visor, making the design more street-like, fancy, and individual. The unstoppable baseball cap, and the unstoppable hip-hop style.

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If you want to keep up with modern fashion and follow the pace of the fashion show, you might as well go to the hat factory to customize a baseball cap just for you!