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Baseball caps, as the name suggests, were known as the exclusive possession of baseball players in the early years.

With the rapid rise of baseball throughout the world, baseball caps and continuously from the baseball field into everyone's life, even into the street culture, become a kind of tie-in now street culture symbols, especially highly skateboarders street, street hip-hop fans and lovers of acme hip-hop rap culture.


Suede 5 panel camp cap with leather strap and metal buckle1

The function of the baseball cap has also changed from protecting the head of the athletes to simply shading and windshields and matching functions.

Kanye West, aka Kanye West, is also known as a street baseball cap fan. According to kanye West fans and baseball Cap Association fans, Kanye West owns more than 1,500 different styles of baseball caps, including some vintage, classic, and custom-made ones. You can see that the baseball cap is the most fashionable hat in society! Likewise, many people may wonder what's the difference between a baseball cap and a cap? In terms of usage, the brim of a baseball cap is stiffer than the cap, which can protect the head. As for the most important matching issue, baseball caps can better shape the wearer's head, and not only that, they can also shape the face, making the wearer look more energetic!

If you ask me, what is the most reliable and reliable baseball cap manufacturer in China today? Then I don't have to think for a second, I can reply to you -- New Generation. As the leader of the manufacturing industry in Shenzhen, New Generation deeply drives the rapid development of China's hat manufacturing industry. Throughout both domestic and foreign baseball cap foreign trade market, New Generation has occupied a large part of the market share, can provide better service for customers from all over the world. Product quality is always the foundation of an enterprise. As long as we do a good job of the quality of the products, we can constantly promote the enterprise to go further and further on the road of improving itself and high-speed development. New Generation is always put their production of baseball cap quality in the first place, it insists on their choice of materials, adhere to the choice of production line, at the same time each production line is equipped with a safety supervisor, to ensure production quality and production safety and spare no effort. Similarly, New Generation is also a production enterprise that pays attention to environmental protection. It firmly chooses production materials that are harmless to the environment or beneficial to the environment, showing the responsibility of New Generation as a big country from the side.

New Generation for clients to provide high efficiency and good customer service is also worthy of credit, its not only as a convenience to customers from all over the world to design and design selection and elaborate design a web site,, As long as you log in, you can see the current product patterns, so that customers can personally feel the quality and style of products without coming to the scene. More importantly, New Generation also provides users with customized exclusive services to create the most perfect baseball caps that are exclusive to their own styles and trends.

In this special epidemic period, New Generation can also provide customized mask service for users, wear your own baseball cap and mask, you are the most handsome in the crowd! Are interested click more right now.

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