What kind of hats can you order

Want to customize hats, there are really many kinds! For example, catering embroidered baseball caps, fashionable embroidered baseball caps, high-end sandwich car baseball caps, Snapback Cap with 3D Embroidery, etc. At present, hat manufacturers have widely used 3D Embroidery technology.

What is 3D embroidery?

How to embroider 3D embroidery? Three-dimensional embroidery is a kind of embroidery. As the name suggests, it uses embroidery thread to wrap EVA rubber inside to form a three-dimensional effect pattern. 3D three-dimensional embroidery uses foam to embroider, so that the embroidery badge (embroidery) looks three-dimensional. The embroidery method is a kind of DIY embroidery that expresses or reflects the three-dimensional effect of the object according to the design steps and the design requirements of the three-dimensional embroidery drawings. Three-dimensional embroidery and cross-stitch are both DIY embroidery. The biggest difference is that cross-stitch is a flat hand embroidery, while three-dimensional embroidery is a three-dimensional concept, so three-dimensional embroidery is a sublimation based on the continuation of cross-stitch. . And three-dimensional embroidery has stronger three-dimensional visual enjoyment; richer aesthetics for home decoration effects; it is a more elegant and more humane gift, DIY boutique.
3D Emb Folded Acrylic Beanie1

Three-dimensional embroidery has its own dedicated drawings! The specific embroidery method should be based on the requirements of the cross-stitch drawings. The drawings have very clear regulations on this, just like the cross-stitch drawings. What stitches are used for specific embroidery parts, and how many strands of thread are used, are marked, so it is clear at a glance. Since the inspiration of three-dimensional embroidery originated from cross-stitch, it was developed on the basis of cross-stitch, so cross-stitch will basically be three-dimensional embroidery; there are ten kinds of stitches in three-dimensional embroidery, most of which are similar to cross-stitch and cross-stitch. The computer embroidery machine required for three-dimensional embroidery is as simple as flat embroidery, full embroidery, and appliqué embroidery. The thread box can also be used for three-dimensional embroidery.

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