Who else doesn’t know a custom hat

In a blink of an eye, one-third of 2021 was over. The surprise for all the members of the company during the New Year's annual meeting was well received.

Finally, there was time to write it to everyone. In accordance with the previous practice, at the time of the New Year's party. All members of the company are required to wear a uniform dress. Before, we would formulate uniform t-shirts or work clothes. This time, one thing is different is that we have customized hats. Baseball cap. Baseball caps are known to be the best choice for all ages. Because this annual meeting is outdoors, the baseball cap can also play a good role in sun protection. We printed the company's logo on the baseball cap, and customized the most suitable cap for all members according to the size of their heads. After posting the photos in the circle of friends, many friends asked me to link, so I plan to introduce you to the source of custom hats, which is the Cap Manufacturer  newgeneration.hk

Fitted Cap With Flat Embroidery1

First, let's talk about how to choose a baseball cap that suits you:

  1. How to choose a baseball cap vs a peaked cap?

The brim of the baseball cap is curved, and the brim of the peaked cap is flat. Girls with a round face or a small face should choose a baseball cap, because some foreheads can be exposed, which can increase the proportion. The most standard ratio of the face is three courts and five eyes. The so-called three courts are from the forehead to the nose, the upper part of the nose to the lower part of the nose, and then from the bottom to the chin! If the forehead with a peaked cap is not exposed, it is equivalent to covering a part of the three courts, naturally there is no small effect on the face.

  1. Soft top vs hard top

Soft top hat stickers and head. Generally speaking, the shape of your head is the shape of the hat after you wear it. The hard top hat has a strong sense of shape and does not collapse. The disadvantage is that the display head is large!

  1. How many centimeters do you choose for the brim?

Generally speaking, the length of baseball caps in the market is 7.8 cm. Some big-headed brothers say they want to be particularly long. Almost rarely, because if the length of the hat is 10 cm, the hat itself is not beautiful, so if you want a long brim, you should buy a fisherman. Cap it

The above is for my personal experience in buying hats, I must buy a hat with a curved soft top and high enough! I believe everyone likes to wear a baseball cap the most. The brim of a real baseball cap has a certain curvature. Generally speaking, as long as you choose the right size of the baseball cap. That is suitable for all face shapes, the difference lies in the color and logo of the baseball cap. The hip hop style flat brim hat is not suitable for everyone, thin and long face or square face, it is not very good to wear, small and round face is more suitable. Of course, there is another way to wear this kind of hat to circumvent the above problems, and that is to wear it the other way around.

Having said that, when you need to wear hats for many people, you have to customize them. The ones bought in the mall may not be suitable for everyone, so this time I customized the hats for company employees. Although the hat factory listens It’s difficult, but it’s easy to operate.

All you need to do is go to this website https://newgeneration.hk/, tell them your needs, and then just wait for the delivery.

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