Worried about wear the same outfit ? We have customization!

Do you worry about whether the purchased style is too ordinary and popular, or whether your own design can not be well reflected?

When you feel overwhelmed, new generation will be your good choice. We provide clothing customization services for the purpose of manufacturing colorful clothes and products in line with customers.


Wool Snapback Cap With 3D Embroidery Cap1

Click here https://newgeneration.hk/ , go to our official website of new generation to learn about our customized services. Among various customized services, I most recommend our company's cap customized service, among all the products, our hats are the best sellers. We are a professional hat factory and we will provide every customer with the best quality, the fastest turnover and the best customer service. I promise that we are the best cap manufacture. Those whoever bought cap from us are all satisfied with the product, you could see comments on the home page. We cover a wide range of hat customization, mainly including snapback cap, camp cap, baseball cap, strapback cap and Trucker Cap. Camp cap mainly includes sublimation print camp cap with woven label, floor fabric 5 panel camp cap with suede visor, floor 5 panel camp with boss left patch. Sanpback cap includes snapback cap with 3D embassy, button snapback cap with mutlicolor 3D embassy, polyester twill snapback cap with 3D and flat embassy, Embassy snapback cap in wool blend, wool blend snapback cap with chenille embassy. Strapback cap includes ladies Trucker foam cap, cotton mesh 5 panel Trucker Cap with plastic print and embassy. In addition, we also sell cotton military cap and Beanie pompompom with embassy patch. But these are not all we offer, if you can provide your own fancy design we could make it too. Our manufacturing technology is excellent, Every worker's workmanship is very good. Our embroidry and plastic print processes are perfect. Click the custom page in the interface, you can view the type of fabic, the style of logo, and the appearance of visor, closure buttons and eyelets. You can even choose the packaging method. Our production process is completely transparent. You can view the production process on our page.

How do we make it? First cut the fabric, then make the embroidery, then use the machine buckram, then the workers sewing eyelets or panels, then sewing visor, then use the machine for blocking, then pack it with plastic bags, and finally put it into the transportation carton. We recorded the video of these processes for customers to visit. In addition, we provide customers with free production of samples, which is convenient to provide customers with more tailor-made high-quality services, and also prevent customers from receiving unsatisfied finished products, resulting in unsalable and other bad results. We will provide high-quality products to customers at low prices. Our designers will discuss the design scheme with customers and strive to design the perfect pattern that best meets the requirements of customers.

In the days when COVID-19 still wreaked havoc, masks have become necessities in daily life, but blue, white and black. No, it's too common. Since you can have a better looking one, why not choose it? Our New Generation also provides high-quality mask customization to help you become the brightest one in the crowd. Just click https://newgeneration.hk/ With real-time communication with our designers, you will have cool masks that are in line with your heart and different from others.

In addition to the customization of masks and hats, we also provide customization of clothes. We have knit clothe. Customers can freely choose the weaving form and shape to manufacture clothes owned only by customers. In addition, we also have women women clothing and women men clothing. We will provide some basic styles to facilitate customers' design thinking. In addition, all our processes from production to packaging are displayed on the website to help customers understand the production process.

If you want to put your design into practice, or harvest different clothes and accessories, click https://newgeneration.hk/ , you will get a satisfactory result!

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