How to select your suitable knitted hats?

How to select your suitable knitted hats?

With the fashion feel increased for more and more normal people, the knitted hats are becoming so popular among young people.

It is known that we can see lots of movie stars, rappers and idols wearing knitted hats even in summer. It kind of became a new stylish style to wear them in hot weather. It looks so cool and can definately improve one’s fashion level.

Here the New Generation has lots of different styles of knitted hats, you can check and find your favourite ones.

Now I’d like to introduce you how to select a suitable knitted hats for yourself.

When choosing colors, we should pay attention to the fact that girls with big heads choose darker hats to show their small heads. They really can’t find a hat that suits their head circumference. You can choose among men’s hats. Men’s hats are generally very good. Handsome, very suitable for handsome young lady. For daily wear, you can choose bright colors, and for casual wear, you can choose darker hats to be more versatile.

Next, I’m going to tell you several different styles of knitted hats.

Knitted hats come in many styles, and they look very nice. What are the common types of knitted hats? How to maintain it?

  1. Dome woolen hat

The style of the dome wool hat is relatively simple. It mainly makes a fuss on the knitting method of the hat. Some decorations are also used on the outside of the hat to make the hat simple and not simple.

  1. Ball and woolen cap

There is a small ball of wool on the top of the ball hat. This yarn ball can show the wearer's special cuteness. This hat is suitable for girls. Among them, the Korean version of the snow cap is more popular.

  1. Woolen hat with brim

A woolen hat with a brim means that there is an extra brim on the front of the woolen hat. The design of this kind of woolen hat shows the wearer's very fashionable personality. This kind of hat can keep warm while also shielding the sun.

  1. Ear protection wool cap

The ear protection woolen hat, with its classic ear protection design on both sides, is both fashionable and warm, especially suitable for traveling in cold winter.

If you want to improve your sense of fashion, you can go check the New Generation website and they are a Cap manufacturer for decade years. I am sure you will find your dreamful ones.

What kind of style does knitted hats have?

How to choose your suitable knitted hats?

Can you wear the knitted hats in summer?

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